Gig Posters

We've been creating screen printed gig posters for over a decade now. In that span we've had the opportunity to create thousands of prints for large and small bands alike. Do you have a Gig Poster project you think we'd be a good fit for?

The Avett Brothers / Gig Poster Design
Ray LaMontagne / Gig Poster Design
David Gray + Amos Lee / Gig Poster Design

Apparel Design

We realize that good design doesn't necessarily make good wearable design, and it's this awareness that separates our approach to apparel design from the rest of the pack. Do you need apparel designed for your company, band, or event?

Tahoe Sailing Charters / Apparel & Logo Design

Logo Development & Brand Identity

Brand Identity, and more specifically a logo, is the face of any good business. We partner with clients to develop cohesive and unique identity systems that promote brand confidence and positive growth. Do you need a logo for your business or event?

The Avett Brothers CMS / Logo, Apparel & Gig Poster Design

Event Branding

From stage scrims and banner displays to merchandise – we love building cohesive and immersive event brands across multiple medias and platforms. If you have an event or music festival coming up and need branded assets, give us a shout!

Avetts At The Beach / Event Branding, Apparel & Logo Design

Product Label & Packaging Design

We collaborate with clients to strategically develop a unique position and a form to compliment their product. Our goal is to create a packaging experience that can be trusted and treasured. Need a label or packaging design for your physical product?

Heirloom Craft / Branding, Label & Logo Design
La M.O.D.A / Package Design & Illustration

Illustration, Typography & Typeface

You'll notice we don't lean on photography and stock imagery to anchor our layouts. Bespoke, vector illustrations and thoughtfully integrated typography are the types of things that make our world spin. Bonus: we've also been known to create custom typefaces.

The Avett Brothers / Illustration & Typeface Design